What it means to love, and be loved.

It is a strange and yet such a familiar feeling, when you love someone. It’s not a new feeling, it always has been there in your heart. But you feel it so strongly that it can become a force of nature.

Love isn’t when you feel you need someone. It isn’t when you are attracted to someone. And no, it isn’t when you feel someone is just perfect for you.

Love is simply the comfort you feel, deep inside your heart, when you hear their voice. It is the peace you feel, deep inside your mind, when you see their face. It is the sweet anxiety that you feel when you don’t know what they are up-to. It is the petty possessiveness you feel when you see them chatting with someone else about puppies or desserts.

Love is powerful. It is more powerful than any force out there. Their happy face can generate enough courage inside you to challenge the fate itself. Their tears can break you even at your strongest moments. Their pain makes you feel like a cripple. And seeing their face when they are asleep – there’s no greater feeling of peace than what you get when you look at their face.

And when you truly love someone, not even the god himself could convince you of something wrong about them. You love all their hideous, wrong habits. And you flaunt all their good ones, again and again – everyday to everyone. You just can’t stop yourself adoring them, appreciating them, acknowledging them. That’s love.

Love makes you want to be a better person. It pushes you to look above yourself, beyond yourself and do something that you are incapable of doing otherwise, for anyone. And in every matter of love, all the feelings – of joy and of terror, of sadness and of peace comes from the deepest core of your person.

And there’s no greater pleasure than being loved back. When you know you are desired. When you have the power to turn their tears into laughter with a mere hug. When you kiss on their forehead and their face lightens up. When you gently rubs their face and they can’t hide their shyness. When your voice is a comfort to their panic and anxiety. When your touch can soothe their mind and mood. When they try so hard to make you laugh, when you are feeling low and when you smile up – the look on their face – beautiful than any flower or diamond.

Love is the power that can heal any wound, is a poetry that doesn’t need any words, is a fashion that lasts forever, is a wine that is aged for a million years. The feeling of love comes from the core of one’s individuality, one’s person. And there’s no stopping limit to what an individual can do, for love.

If you ever feel desired by someone, for your presence, for your company, for your voice – for everything that you are; cherish that connection, protect it at all costs. Never hurt them.

And if you ever love someone, then your life becomes about making them happy. And don’t you worry, you don’t need to put in any effort. Your soul will not let you sleep before ensuring your beloved is happy.

Love your parents. Love your partner. Love your friends. Love your children. But don’t forget to love yourself.

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