The Ancient Gods, The Evolution of Humans & Religion

In the 21st century, there are about 7.5 billion people who collectively follow over 20 different religions, including Christianity (2.3 Billion), Islam (1.9 Billion), Hinduism (1.1 Billion), Buddhism (506 Million) and various other religions. Each religion has a different, distinguished method and means of worshipping.

Religions have been massively based on the comprehension of ancient literature. We define the religion, it’s rules and regulations, it’s belief system itself based on those books. Be it Holy BibleBhagavad Gita, or The Quran – these pieces of literature have been guiding the societies for hundreds of years. Our religions are further divided into castes and subcastes, based on the difference in our interpretation and comprehension of those holy books.

We follow these religions, as they draw a path in front of us – to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. They are guidelines, for our survival, our safety, and our ascension. We rely upon them to make our important decisions, as they hold the wisdom that guides us. But who truly brought those into the world? Prophets?

Prophets were those few fellas who claimed that they knew the “will” of God or they can hear God. But which was it that whispered in their ears or enlightened them with this wisdom? The Holy Father of Christians who created the world or Lord Brammah who created the world as per Hindu Mythology?

So were there different Gods who created their own group of people? To be honest, no holy book actually enlightens you on the matter. No holy book says that other holy books are wrong.

I believe there is a God. A divine being whose deeds resulted in creation of our species. But I don’t think we essentially need to have a name for that God for him. And it could be more than one individual. It could have been a few of them who worked it out together. Who knows?

Let’s forget this for a minute and look at what science has taught us in last 2000-3000 years.

To put things in context, as per the Big Bang theory, science says that there was a huge ball of pure energy in the universe and there was no mass at all. However, this was highly unstable due to various reasons and ended up bursting. That resulted in energy becoming masses that we know as stars and planets, that was thrown away with high force, and have been traveling for billions of years (practically, for the infinite time) and created this universe as we know it.

The chaos also resulted in the creation of living beings. Let me explain the difference between a living and a nonliving thing with a new approach. Any naturally-occurring body that has a will or that tends to grow is a living being. Do you ever see the stones on your streets grow? No. Do plants grow? Yes.

Every living being has a natural instinct to multiple. So what started with a unicellular organism like an amoeba that fought to survive and multiple due to its primal instinct – at a point evolved into an ape (from the theory of survival of the fittest) and that ape eventually evolved into an intelligent humanoid.

I believe these humanoids were Gods. And I believe they were, in spirit, immortals. I believe that they were our first ancestors, who intelligently decided to ascend the human race. Eventually, their intelligence further evolved and as the numbers multiplied, they built civilizations and introduced the concept of trading and further passed their guidance (say, through prophets) to guide the rest of human beings.

I believe that we are the descendants of the Gods, who were simply the first humanoids. Some of them mastered the science, their body and their brain -became immortals. I also believe that they live with us and amongst us. Or perhaps their curiosity led them to discover other planets, equipping mankind with everything it needed, to evolve.

I mean, let’s think about it. God is the most divine being. It’s natural that he/she/it wouldn’t have such a boring life, that they’d sit and keep listening to everyone’s wishes and fulfilling them or set them up “the big plan“. They’ve created the most complicated species that humans have been trying to replicate for about 4000 years with no success. (Talking about Artificial Intelligence here, fellas! And no, true artificial intelligence hasn’t been discovered yet. There doesn’t exist a non-living system that has a will to grow/multiply. And without that will, it can’t truly be called “Artificial Intelligence”.

So if God was able to create a highly sophisticated and complex species like a human, would the God Almighty really rely on a ticketing system of listening to prayers, as a human would organize it? I mean, would they really require you to go to a Holy Place, recite holy prayers and chants, do ancient rituals to please him? Would anyone be pleased by all that? If sanity says something, the more intelligent and great they are, the more humble they are. And if God is most divine and most humble, would they really want human beings licking their feet? How can we compare what a great Human would like, with what the divine would like?

I think the divine has already equipped us with everything that we need to grow. And everything that we need to fulfill our wishes. We have something that’s called the will power. If you ask yourself – did you achieve something that you truly wanted and put a serious effort onto? You’ll find that you achieved it most times.

We have everything we need today. God has created us with one goal – to evolve further as a species. After all, that’s the natural instinct he has planted into us – why shall we ignore it? And if our goal is to succeed, then should we rather spend our time praying and pleasing the almighty, or spend the same time into helping our species evolve further – by putting our minds together and increase our own capabilities?

I believe that a human’s purpose is to take knowledge from his parents, process it, comprehend it, work with it to acquire more knowledge and understanding of the universe and the divine’s plan, and then pass it to our children, who’ll do the same. Every generation takes knowledge to the next level. One generation created a light bulb, the other created a Television system. One generation created Telephone while the other created mobile phones. I believe that this is our purpose – to equip the next generation with tools and knowledge for taking the cycle further. And that’s all that we can truly give back to this universe, to this world.

I believe that the only religion that matters – is the religion of humanity. Everything that results in the evolution of our species on moral as well as skill level is right. Anything that hurts our species, leads to death of even a few of us – is against the will of God. I believe terrorism is against the will of God – a God who created us differently – our parents would want us to live together in peace. No parent would want their children to fight and kill each other. I believe we should try and look beyond our comprehension of those Holy Books, and try to see it all from God’s perspective.

The religions and holy books don’t represent God’s plan. It simply represents how we should behave and live in a society that would finally lead to our evolution. However, in the 21st century, the age when information travels faster than light – those rule books are outdated. Like the schools need the curriculum change, Humans need an update on those Holy Books. And I believe the Gods of this age will update those religions. But would it mean the evolution of those ancient religions or the formation of a new one? My bet is on the former. But who knows?

Hi, I am Sajel, the author of these articles. I hope you enjoyed reading them. If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to write to me at [email protected]

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