Coronavirus: The Golden Opportunity to start your company

I know, I know. People are dying, there’s chaos all around us. The lockdown is ruining businesses and economy has touched all-time-low due to Coronavirus outbreak. It doesn’t look like this is a good time for stepping up your career or starting your own gig.

But what if I tell you this is in fact the perfect time for it? With the lockdown in effect and the Coronavirus outbreak, leading to social distancing and the curfew that has been going on for months, things are changing. The world is changing. The systems are changing. Contrary to common belief, there’s higher demand for employees in the market. The companies which are supporting today’s world – like Zoom, Practo, Home-Fitness, Home Delivery – they are booming, more than ever before. As a whole, the economy may be falling but in a lot of fields, it’s actually touching it’s peak. So how do you build something that supports this new world?

Let me tell you a very important quality of every entrepreneur. It’s that they are opportunists. And opportunity don’t knock your gate – you have to keep an eye out for it. Entrepreneurs predict what future will look like, and they spot the business opportunity that future is holding out for them and act upon it. Take an example of PayTM – it was just another fine app before hon’ble Prime Minister Modi imposed the demonetization, when PayTM’s founders acted and today, you well know what PayTM has become.

Let’s imagine what the near future will look like. Coronavirus isn’t something that’s going anywhere soon. The vaccine may be invented, but it’ll take months for it to start distribution in the market. Even with the vaccine, we don’t know how far this disease will be contained. And the government is pretty adamant on lockdown and social distancing – which are good precautions but have put an halt on the world. So it makes sense that offices will start functioning soon, but without 100% of it’s strength. Work-From-Home will become a regular practice until the end of the year, and probably even afterwards once it becomes a norm. Health-checkups will soon be mandatory and people may be required to get tested for the virus at regular intervals. Soft-checkups like temperature will become mandatory before entering any public place. And since all these are good practices, even after the Coronavirus threat is contained, these practices may keep their place, to prevent any further outbreak of such a virus.

So how do you prepare the world for it? What are the things that world will need once the things start coming back to normal? If you can anticipate or forecast those requirements, you can act upon it and build solutions for them. If you are able to provide a good solution to it, you are going to be a millionaire in next 24-36 months.

If Coronavirus has taught us something, the only traditional business that can survive even a epidemic is the food & grocery business. People may not travel, may not shop at malls, may not get beauty facials – but they’ll still eat! Is there a way to make the food-sector more secure and smooth than it already is? If you can figure that out, you have an idea that can make you a billionaire. Just act upon it. (How? Will explain further in article)

Entertainment matters. Even in regular life, after an individual is tired of their office routine and daily routine, they want to sit back and relax. However, relaxation today doesn’t mean closing your eyes and sitting comfortably. It means entertainment! Streaming platform like Netflix, games like PubG have become a critical part of today’s city life. And these ‘concepts’ will become a birth-right to our children and grand-children. If you have an idea about making it more easier, more convenient – that’s another billion dollar industry you are looking at. (Not easy to come up with an idea, is it? Worry not, we’ll come to that)

The third thing that won’t ever lose it’s value is the health sector. Whenever an epidemic, a war or any tragedy happens – the first thing that people want to secure is their health requirements. When Coronavirus spread took place, most people who were suffering from Diabetes, Blood pressure and other such medical conditions stocked up their medicines. The medicine shops are open today, but no one really want to leave their home to go to a medical shop. Since people are significantly bothered about their health, the demand for health insurance is actually peaking right now. Any idea for health Industry? $$$ Billion Dollar Industry there, fellas! (Hint: I proposed an idea in this article itself, work on it and you can be a billionair in 3 years maximum.)

Next comes the security sector. People are always worried about their personal security. When panic strikes, they want to feel safe and for that, they are willing to take any measures that are required. In these times, if you can offer them something like digital panic app, equip them with a one-tap security squad within 10 minutes – that’s something that India hasn’t been able to have till date. And there are so many things that can be done in field of security, as India is one of the most under-developed nation when it comes to personal security. (No Offense to our Police and National defense forces, but we have a bigger population than all of them combined could even help out with). The regular health checkups or the soft-temperature checks – we can probably a band that keeps showing body temperature and distribute it to companies for their employees – make it mandatory for everyone. Not a bad idea, is it?

The game has to go on! All the businesses which were booming before the lockdown still are thriving to make their usual profits. What’s affecting them? The compromised efficiency of their work-force. How can they optimize that? Well – if you can think of a solution – build it and offer it to them. They’ll be willing to pay you a cut of their whole business. What would be 0.1% of Reliance Communications or Tata Enterprises amount to? You make the guess.

So we’ve now established that you need an idea that solves the requirement of the future. Once you’ve predicted the future (which isn’t that hard really, just think about it and come to logical conclusions), you’ll stop an opportunity. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need three things:

  1. A Plan
  2. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  3. An Investor

Let me address how to go about these three in a different article that I’ll publish soon. But meanwhile, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to discuss your idea, help you with it as far as I can.

If you are clueless about what you really want to do with your life, I’ve addressed that here:

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