My brain is full of shit. And there’s all kind of stuff in it. The evil plan to murder the spirit of democracy, or the theory of how CoVID-19 was just a hype, strategically created by China to cripple the economy of all the other nations. The idea that will replace Facebook, to building a new religion leveraging the concept of religion itself – I have thought it through – though about everything.

Wait, were you expecting a resume?

Okay, I am Sajel (pronounced as सजल). I’ve inherited the family name Saxena, which means I am Hindu, more specifically a Kayastha, a descendant of Lord Chitragupta. However, I am an agnostic, which means that I believe that God exists, but I don’t believe in any existing method of worshipping, as I believe the humans are not capable of comprehending Gods and our religions are merely guides to understanding the Devine, but are a product of just humans based on their limited understanding.

I am a humanist, which means I believe every human being is equal, irrespective of gender, religion, race, color or orientation.

I am an adventure-lover, a romantic at times but never a flirt. I believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe that the more powerful force than fate/destiny is a human’s will, that can even bend luck, fate, destiny or time.

I am an inquisitive entrepreneur, who loves helping brands make their mark. I am a technology enthusiast who loves building products and technologies. I am a marketer who loves building communities.

Well that’s the most length upto which I can introduce myself. I you want to know anything else, drop me a mail at [email protected] or WhatsApp me by clicking here.